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Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife   

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Intro: [D] | [G] [C9] | [D] | [G] [C9] | x2


Verse 1:
[D]Drivin' home this evenin', [G]Coulda sworn we had it [C9]all worked out [D] [G] [C9]
You [D]had this boy believin' [G]way beyond a [C9]shadow of a doubt [D] [G] [C9]
Then I [D]heard it on the streets, I [G]heard ya might of found somebody [C9]new [D] [G] [C9]
Well [D]who is he baby - [G]who is he and tell me what he [C9]means to you [D] [G] [C9]

Bridge 1:
I [A]took it all for granted - but [Bm]how was I to know
That [C9]you'd be lettin' [G]go

Now it cuts like a [D]knife [G] [C9] - but it feels so [D]right [G] [C9]
It cuts like a [D]knife [G] [C9] - but it feels so [D]right [G] [C9]

Verse 2:
Theres [D]times Ive been mistaken, Theres [G]times I thought I've been misunder[C9]stood [D] [G] [C9]
So [D]wait a minute darlin, [G]Cant you see we did the best we [C9]could [D] [G] [C9]

Bridge 2:
This [A]wouldnt be the first time, [Bm]Things have gone astray
Now you've [C9]thrown it all [G]away


[D]Na na naaa na na [G]na na na [C9]na na
[D]Na na naaa na na [G]na na na [C9]na na

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