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Bryan Adams - 18 Till I Die   

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[E]I wanna be young the [A]rest of my life;
[E]Never say no, try [A]anything twice.
'Til the [E]angels come and [A]ask me to fly,
Gonna be [E]18 till I [A]die
18 'til I die!

[E]Can't live forever, that's [A]wishful thinkin' [D]
[E]Whoever said that [A]must have been drinkin' [D]
[E]Don't wanna grow up. I [A]don't see why.
I [G]couldn't care less if [A]time flies by.

[D]18 '[G]til I [D]die[A], gonna be [D]18 '[G]til I [D]die [A]
Yeah, it [D]sure feels good to [G]be alive,
[D]Someday I'll be 18 going on [A]55.
[D]18 '[G]til I [A]die.

[E]Anyway, I just wanna [A]say
[E]Why bother with what happened [A]yesterday?
It's [E]not my style, I [A]live for the minute;
If ya [E]wanna stay young, get [A]both feet in it.
18 'til I die.

[E]A little bit of this, [A]a little bit of that [D]
[E]A little bit of everything, [A]gotta get on track [D]
It's [E]not how you look, it's what ya [A]feel inside
I [G]don't care when, I don't [A]need to know why.

[D]18 '[G]til I [D]die[A], gonna be [D]18 '[G]til I [D]die [A]
[D]There's one thing for sure, I'm [G]sure gonna [A]try.

[D] [G] [Em] [A] [D] [G] [Em] [A]

Yeah don't [E]worry about the future, [A]forget about the past;
We're gonna [E]have a ball, yeah, we're gonna [A]have a blast.
Gonna make it last. Hey, yeah.

[D]18 '[G]til I [D]die[A], gonna be [D]18 '[G]til I [D]die [A]
[D]18 '[G]til I [D]die[A], gonna be [D]18 '[G]til I [D]die [A]

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