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Ugly Kid Joe - Cats In The Cradle   

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[E]A child arrived just the [G]other day
[A]Came to the world in the [E]usual way
[E]There were planes to catch, [G]bills to pay
[A]He learned to walk while [E]I was away
He was [D]talking 'fore I knew it and when he could, he said
" [G]I'm gonna be like [E]you, dad,
You [G]know I'm gonna be like [E]you"

The [E]cats in the cradle and the [G]silver spoon
Little [G]boy blue and a [A]man on the moon
[E]When you comin' home son, [G]I don't know when
[D]We'll get together [E]then,
[G]You know we'll have a [E]good time then

My [E]son turned ten just the [G]other day
He [A]said "Thanks for the ball dad, come [E]on, let's play
[E]Could you teach me to throw?", I said " [G]Not today
[A]I got a lot to do", he said " [E]That's OK"
He [D]walked away with a smile on his face, [G]he said
" [G]I'm gonna be like [E]him, yeah,
you know [G]I'm gonna be like [E]him"


Well he [E]came from college just the [G]other day
So [A]much like a man I just [E]have to say
I'm [E]proud of you, could you [G]sit for a while
He [A]shook his head and he [E]said with a smile
[D]What I'm feeling like, dad, is to borrow the car keys
[G]see you later, can I have [E]them please


I've [E]long since retired, my [G]son moved away
[A]I called him up just the [E]other day
[E]I'd like to see you, if [G]you don't mind
[A]He said: I'd love to, dad, if I could [E]find the time.
You see, my new [D]job's hassle and the kids got the flu,
but [G]it's sure nice talking to [E]you dad,
it was [G]sure nice talking to [E]you.

And as I [D]hung up the phone is occurred to me
He'd [G]grown up just like [E]me
My [G]boy was just like [E]me!



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