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U2 - Elevation   

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[E] [A] [B] [A]

[B]High, [A]Higher Than The [E]Sun
You Shoot Me From A [B]Gun
I Need You To [E]Elevate Me [B]Here
At The Corner Of Your [E]Lips
As The Order Of Your [B]Hips, [A]Eclipse
You [E]Elevate My

[B]Soul I've [A]Got No Self-con[E]Trol,
Been Living Like A [B]Mole
Now [A]Going Down [E]Excavation
[B]I And I [A]In The [E]Sky,
You Make Me [E]Feel Like I Can [B]Fly
So [A]High... [E]Elevation.

[E] [A] [E] [A]

A [B]star [A]lit up like a [E]cigar
Strung out like a [B]guitar
Maybe you can [E]educate my [B]mind
[A]Explain all these [E]controls
Can't sing but I've got [B]soul
The [A]goal is [E]elevation

A [B]mole [A]digging in a [E]hole
Digging up my [B]soul
now [A]going down [E]excavation
[B]I and I [A]in the [E]sky
You make me feel like I can [B]fly
So [A]high [E]Elevation

[E] [A] [E] [A]
[E] [A] [E] [A]

[E]Love, Lift me [A]up out of these blues
Won't you [E]tell me something [D]true I believe in [A]you.

A [B]mole [A]digging in a [E]hole
Digging up my [B]soul
now [A]going down [E]excavation
[B]I and I [A]in the [E]sky
You make me feel like I can [B]fly
So [A]high... [E]Elevation

[E]Elevation, [E]Elevation

[E] [A] [E] [A]

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