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Tom Petty - Last Dance With Mary Jane   

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Intro: [Am] [G] [D] [Am]

Verse 1:
She [Am]grew up in an [G]Indiana town
Had a [D]good lookin' momma who [Am]never was around
But she [Am]grew up tall and she [G]grew up right
With them [D]Indiana boys on an [Am]Indiana night

Verse 2:
Well she [Am]moved down here at the [G]age of 18
She [D]blew the boys away, it was [Am]more than they'd seen
I was [Am]introduced and we [G]both started groovin'
She said, "I [D]dig you baby but I [Am]got to keep movin'"
...on, keep movin' on

[D]Last dance with Mary Jane
[A]One more time to kill the flame
[D]I feel summer creepin' in and I'm
[A]Tired of this town again

Instru: [Am] | [G] ||| [D] ||| [Am] |

Verse 3:
Well I [Am]don't know but [G]I've been told
You [D]never slow down, you [Am]never grow old
I'm [Am]tired of screwing up, I'm [G]tired of bein' down
I'm [D]tired of myself, I'm [Am]tired of this town

Verse 4:
[Am]Oh my my, [G]oh hell yes
[D]Honey put on that [Am]party dress
[Am]Buy me a drink, [G]sing me a song,
Take [D]me as I come 'cause I [Am]can't stay long


Verse 5:
There's [Am]pigeons down in [G]Market Square
She's [D]standin' in her [Am]underwear
[Am]Lookin' down from a [G]hotel room
[D]Nightfall will be [Am]comin' soon

Verse 6:
[Am]Oh my my, [G]oh hell yes
You've [D]got to put on that [Am]party dress
It was [Am]too cold to cry when [G]I woke up alone
I [D]hit the last number, I [Am]walked to the road



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