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The Pogues - Love You Till The End (Movie: P.S I Love You)   

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[B] [E] [B] [E]

[B]I Just Want To See You
[E]When You're All Alone
[B]I Just Want To Catch You If I [E]Can
[F#]I Just Want To Be There
When The [E]Morning Light Ex[B]Plodes
[F#]On Your Face It Radiates
I [E]Can't Escape
I Love You 'till The [B]End [E] [B] [E]
I Love You 'till The [B]End [E] [B] [E]

[B]I Just Want To Tell You Nothing
[E]You Don't Want To Hear
[B]All I Want Is For You To [E]Say
[F#]Why Don't You Just Take Me
Where I've [E]Never Been Be[B]Fore
I [F#]Know You Want To Hear Me
Catch My [E]Breath
I Love You 'till The [B]End [E] [B] [E]
I Love You 'till The [B]End [E] [B] [E]

I Love You 'till The [B]End [E] [B] [E]
I Love You 'till The [B]End [E] [B] [E]

[B]I Just Want To Be There
[E]When We're Caught In The Rain
[B]I Just Want To See You Laugh Not [E]Cry
[F#]I Just Want To Feel You
When The [E]Night Puts On Its [B]Cloak
I'm [F#]Lost For Words Don't Tell Me
All I [E]Can Say
I Love You 'till The [B]End [E] [B] [E]
I Love You 'till The [B]End [E] [B] [E]

I Love You 'till The [B]End [E] [B] [E]
I Love You 'till The [B]End [E] [B] [E]

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