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Simon & Garfunkel - Sound Of Silence   

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[Em]Hello darkness, my old [D]friend,
I've come to talk with you [Em]again,
Because a visions soft[C]ly cree[G]ping,
Left its seeds while I [C]was slee[G]ping,
And the [C]vision that was planted
in to my [G]brain, still re[Em]mains
[G]Within the [D]sound of [Em]silence

In restless dreams I walked [D]alone
Narrow streets of cobble[Em]stone,
'Neath the halo of a [C]street [G]lamp,
I turned my collar to the [C]cold and [G]damp
When my [C]eyes were stabbed by the flash by a neon [G]light
That split the [Em]night
[G]And touched the [D]sound of [Em]silence

And in the naked light I [D]saw
Ten thousand people, maybe [Em]more
People talking with[C]out spea[G]king,
People hearing with[C]out liste[G]ning,
People writing [C]songs that voices never [G]share
And no one [Em]dare
[G]Disturb the [D]sound of [Em]silence

Fools said I, "You do not [D]know"
Silence like a cancer [Em]grows
Hear my words that I [C]might teach [G]you,
Take my arms that I [C]might reach [G]you
But my [C]words like [G]silent raindrops [Em]fell,
And [G]echoed In the [D]walls of [Em]silence

And the people bowed and [D]prayed
To the neon god they'd [Em]made
And the sign flashed out [C]is war[G]ning,
In the words that it [C]was for[G]ming
And the [C]sign said the words of the prophets
Are written on the subway [G]walls
And tenement [Em]halls
And [G]whisper'd in the [D]sound of [Em]silence.

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