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Simon & Garfunkel - Bye Bye Love   

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Intro: [E] - [D5] - [A] - [A] - [D5] - [E]

[A]Bye bye, [E]love.
[A]Bye bye, [E]happiness.
[A]Hello, [E]loneliness.
I [E]think I'm [B]gonna [E]cry.
[A]Bye bye, [E]love.

[A]Bye bye, [E]sweet caress.
[A]Hello, [E]emptiness.
I [E]feel like [B]I could [E]die.
[E]Bye bye, my [B]love, good[E]bye.

Verse 1:
[E]There goes my [B]baby
[B]With someone [E]new.
[E]She sure looks [B]happy;
[B]I sure am [E]blue.

[E]She was my [A]baby
[A]'till he stepped [B]in.
[B]Goodbye, to romance
[B]That might have [E]been.


Verse 2:

[E]I'm through with [B]romance.
[B]I'm through with [E]love.
[E]I'm through with [B]counting
[B]The stars [E]above.

[E]And here's the [A]reason
[A]That I'm so [B]free
My lovin' [B]baby
Is [B]through with [E]me.


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