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Pink Floyd - Mother   

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[G]Mother do you think they'll drop the [C]bomb? [D] [G]
[G]Mother do you think they'll like this [C]song? [D] [G]
[C]Mother do you think they'll try to break my [G]balls? [D] [G]
[D]Ohhhh... [C]Ahhhh... Mother should I build a [G]wall?

[G]Mother should I run for presi[C]dent? [D] [G]
[G]Mother should I trust the govern[C]ment? [D] [G]
[G]Mother will they put me in the firing [C]line? [D] [G]
[D]Ohhhh... [C]Ahhhh... Mother is it just a waste of [G]time?

[G]Hush now baby don't you [C]cry.
[F]Mama's gonna make all of your [C]nightmares come true
[F]Mama's gonna put all of her [C]fears into you,
[F]Mama's gonna keep you right here, [C]under her wing,
She [F]won't let you fly, but she [C]might let you sing,
[F]Mama's gonna keep baby [C]cozy and [G]warm.

[D]Ohhhh... [C]Babe, [D]Ohhhh... [C]Babe,
[D]Ohh... Babe, of [C]course mama's gonna help build the [G]wall.


[G]Mother do you think she's good e[C]nough [D] [G] for me?
[G]Mother do you think she's dange[C]rous [D] [G] to me?
[C]Mother will she tear your little boy [G]apart?
[D]Oohhhh... [C]Aaahhh... [G]Mother will she break my [C]heart?

[G]Hush now baby don't you [C]cry.
[F]Mama's gonna check out all of your [C]girlfriends for you,
[F]Mama won't let anyoneS [C]dirty get through,
[F]Mama's gonna wait up, [C]until you get in,
[F]Mama will always find out [C]just where you've been,
[F]Mama's gonna keep baby, [C]healthy and [G]clean.

[D]Ohhhh... [C]Babe, [D]Ohhhh... [C]Babe,
[D]Ooohhhh baby, [C]you'll always be baby to [G]me.
[G]Mother did it need to be so [C]high?

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