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Pearl Jam - Nothing Man   

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[F] [F] [Dm] [C] [Dm] [Bb] [Bb]
[F] [F] [Dm] [C] [Dm] [Bb] [Bb]

[F]Once Divided,
[Dm]Nothing Left [C]To Sub[Dm]Tract. [Bb]
[F]Some Words When Spoken
[Dm]Can't Be [C]Taken [Dm]Back. [Bb]

[F]Walks On His Own Oh [Dm]
With Thoughts He [C]Can't Help [Dm]Thinking. [Bb]
[F]Future's Above, [Dm]
But In The [C]Past He's [Dm]Slow And [Bb]Sinking.

[Bb]Caught A Bolt Of Lightning,
[C]Cursed The [Bb]Day He Let It [Bb]Gooo... [Bb][Am][Bb]

[F]Nothin'man, [F][Bb][C]
[F]Nothin'man, [F][Bb][C]
[F]Isn't It Something?

[F]She Once Believed [Dm]
In Every [C]Story He [Dm]Had To [Bb]Tell
[F]One Day She Stiffened, [Dm]
And [C]Took The [Dm]Other [Bb]Side.

[F]Empty Stares, [Dm]
From Each [C]Corner Of A [Dm]Shared Prison [Bb]Cell.
[F]One Just Escapes, [Dm]
One's [C]Left In[Dm]Side The [Bb]Well.

And [Bb]He Who Forgets [Bb][C]
Will Be [Bb]Destined To Rem[Am]Ember
[Bb]Ah, Ah, Oh-whoa

[F]Nothin'man, [F][Bb][C]
[F]Nothin'man, [F][Bb][C]
[F]Isn't It Something?

[C]Oh, Oh She Don't [Dm]Want Him [Bb]
[C]Oh, Oh She Won't [Dm]Feed Him, [Bb]
[Dm]After [C]He's Flown [Bb]Away Eyay Oh..
[C]Into The [Dm]Sun, [Bb]Yeah
[C]Into The [Dm]Sun.. [Bb]Unn Uhun [Am]
[Bb] Burn, Burn, [C]Burn, Burn!

[F]Nothin'man, [F][Bb][C]
[F]Nothin'man, [F][Bb][C]
[F]Isn't It Something?
[Bb]Nothin'[C]Man Aah

[F]Nothin'man, [F][Bb][C]
[F]Nothin'man, [F][Bb][C]
[F]Isn't It Something?
[Bb]Nothin'[C]Man Aah

[G]Oh, [Em]Oh, [C]Ohho
[G]Oh, [Em]Oh, [C]Ohho
[G]Oh, [Em] [C]

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