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Pearl Jam - Masters Of War   

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[Em] [Em7] [Em] [Em7]

Come You [Em]Masters Of [Em7]War [Em] [Em7]
You That [Em]Build All The Big [Em7]Guns [Em] [Em7]
You That [Em]Build The Death [Em7]Planes [Em] [Em7]
You That [Em]Build All The [Em7]Bombs [Em] [Em7]
You That [Em]Hide Behind [Em7]Walls [Em] [Em7]
You That [Em]Hide Behind [Em7]Desks [Em] [Em7]
I Just [Em]Want You To [G]Know
I Can [D]See Through Your [Em7]Masks [Em]

[Em] [Em7] [Em] [Em7]

You That [Em]Never Have Done [Em7]Nothin' [Em] [Em7]
But To [Em]Build And Des[Em7]Troy [Em] [Em7]
You [Em]Play With My [Em7]World [Em] [Em7]
Like It's [Em]Your Little [Em7]Toy [Em] [Em7]
You Put A [Em]Drug In My [Em7]Hand [Em] [Em7]
Then You [Em]Hide From My [Em7]Eyes [Em] [Em7]
Then You [Em]Turn And Run [G]Farther
When The [D]Fast Bullets [Em7]Fly [Em]

[Em] [Em7] [Em] [Em7]

Like [Em]Judas Of [Em7]Old [Em] [Em7]
You [Em]Lie And De[Em7]Ceive [Em] [Em7]
A World [Em]War Can't Be [Em7]Won, [Em] [Em7]
And You Want [Em]Me To Be[Em7]Lieve [Em] [Em7]
But I [Em]See Through Your [Em7]Eyes [Em] [Em7]
And I [Em]See Through Your [Em7]Brain [Em] [Em7]
Like I [Em]See Through The [G]Water
That [D]Runs Down My [Em7]Drain [Em]

[Em] [Em7] [Em] [Em7]

You That [Em]Fasten All The [Em7]Triggers [Em] [Em7]
For The [Em]Others To [Em7]Fire [Em] [Em7]
Then You [Em]Sit Back And [Em7]Watch [Em] [Em7]
While The [Em]Death Count Gets [Em7]Higher [Em] [Em7]
You [Em]Hide In Your [Em7]Mansions [Em] [Em7]
While The [Em]Young People's [Em7]Blood [Em] [Em7]
Flows [Em]Out Of Their [G]Bodies
And Gets [D]Buried In The [Em7]Mud [Em]

[Em] [Em7] [Em] [Em7]

You've [Em]Thrown The Worst [Em7]Fear [Em] [Em7]
That Can [Em]Ever Be [Em7]Hurled [Em] [Em7]
The [Em]Fear To Bring [Em7]Children [Em] [Em7]
[Em]Into The [Em7]World [Em] [Em7]
For [Em]Threatening My [Em7]Baby, [Em] [Em7]
Un[Em]Born And Un[Em7]Named [Em] [Em7]
You [Em]Ain't Worth The [G]Blood
That [D]Runs In Your [Em7]Veins [Em]

[Em] [Em7] [Em] [Em7]

How [Em]Much Do I [Em7]Know [Em] [Em7]
To [Em]Talk Out Of [Em7]Turn [Em] [Em7]
You Might [Em]Say That I'm [Em7]Young, [Em] [Em7]
You Might [Em]Say I'm Un[Em7]Learned [Em] [Em7]
But There's [Em]One Thing I [Em7]Know, [Em] [Em7]
Though I'm [Em]Younger Than [Em7]You [Em] [Em7]
Even [Em]Jesus Would [G]Never
For[D]Give What You [Em7]Do [Em]

[Em] [Em7] [Em] [Em7]

Let Me [Em]Ask You One [Em7]Question [Em] [Em7]
Is Your [Em]Money That [Em7]Good? [Em] [Em7]
Will It [Em]Buy You For[Em7]Giveness? [Em] [Em7]
Do You [Em]Think That It [Em7]Could? [Em] [Em7]
I [Em]Think You Will [Em7]Find [Em] [Em7]
When Your [Em]Death Takes Its [Em7]Toll [Em] [Em7]
All The [Em]Money You [G]Made Won't Ever
[D]Buy Back Your [Em7]Soul [Em]

[Em] [Em7] [Em] [Em7]

And I [Em]Hope That You [Em7]Die [Em] [Em7]
And Your [Em]Death Will Come [Em7]Soon [Em] [Em7]
I'll [Em]Follow Your [Em7]Casket [Em] [Em7]
Through The [Em]Pale After[Em7]Noon [Em] [Em7]
And I'll [Em]Watch While You're [Em7]Lowered [Em] [Em7]
In[Em]To Your Death [Em7]Bed
Then I'll [Em]Stand Over Your [G]Grave
Till I'm [D]Sure That You're [Em7]Dead [Em]

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