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Pearl Jam - Fatal   

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[Am] [C] [F] [Em]
[Am] [C] [F] [Em]

[Am]How [C]Good Is [F]He?
How [Em]Warm Are His Eyes? [Am]
You'll [C]See It's [F]Not A Re[]Prise

[Am]Did [C]He Arrive [F]Too [Em]Late
And Too [F]Tethered A[C]Way
To [F]Put On His [Em]Suit And His [Am]Tie? [C] [F] [Em]

[Am]How [C]Good Is [F]He?
How [Em]Warm Is His [Am]Heart
Or [C]Ego, [F]Telling Him
[Em]Which Place To [Am]Park?

Did [C]He Relate? [F]The [Em]Message Is [Am]Clearly,
[C]Hardly [F]Grounds For Dis[Em]Missal Out[Am]Right [C]
[F]Grounds For Dis[Em]Missal Out[Am]Right [C] [F] [Em]

[D] [D] [F/D] [D] [C] [F]
[D] [D] [F/D] [D] [C] [F]

[D]I Wake Up And [F/D]Wait [D]Up
When [C]Anger's In [F]Fashion
[D]I Wake Up And [F/D]Wait [D]Up
It [C]Echoes Through The [F]Mansions
[D]I Wake Up And [F/D]Wait [D]Up
When [C]April's In [F]May, Oh Uh [D]Oh
I Wake Up And [F/D]Wait [D]Up
The [C]Answers Are [F]Fatal

[D] [F/D] [D]

The [F]Answers Are [G]Fatal [C] [F]
[D]When I Wait Up And [F/D]Wake [D]Up
The [F]Answers Are [G]Fatal

[Am] [C]If He's [F]Truly [Em]Out Of Sight [Am] [C] [F] [Em]
[Am] [C]Is He [F]Truly [Em]Out Of Mind? [Am] [C] [F] [Em]
[Am] [C]If He's [F]Truly [Em]Out Of Sight [Am] [C] [F] [Em]

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