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Metallica - Turn The Page   

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On a [Em]long and lonesome highway east of Omaha
You can [D]listen the engine moanin' out his one long one note song
You can [A]think about the woman or the girl you knew the night be[Em]fore

But your [Em]thoughts will be wandering the way they always do
When you're [D]ridin' sixteen hours and there's nothin' much to do
And you don't [A]feel much like ridinı; you just wish the trip was [Em]through

Here I [D]am on the [Em]road again
There I [D]am Up on the [Em]stage
Here I [D]go Playin' [Em]star again
There I [C]go [D] Turn the [Em]page

Well you [Em] walk into a restaurant, strung out from the road
And you [D]feel the eyes upon you as you're shakinı off the cold
You [A]pretend it doesn't bother you but you just want to ex[Em]plode

Most [Em]times you can't hear them talk, other times you can
All the [D]same old clichı's, "Is that a woman or a man?"
And you [A]lways seem outnumbered; you don't dare make a [Em]stand

Here I [D]am on the [Em]road again
There I [D]am Up on the [Em]stage
Here I [D]go Playin' [Em]star again
There I [C]go [D] Turn the [Em]page

[Em]Out there in the spotlight you're a million miles away
Every [D]ounce of energy you try to give away
As the [A] sweat pours out your body like the music that you [Em]play

[Em]Later in the evening as you lie awake in bed
With [D]the echoes of the amplifiers ringin' in your head
You [A]smoke the day's last cigarette, rememberin' what she [Em]said

Solo: [D] [Em] [D] [Em] [D] [Em] [C] [D] [Em]
[D] [Em] [D] [Em] [D] [Em]

Here I [D]am on the [Em]road again
There I [D]am Up on the [Em]stage
Here I [D]go Playin' [Em]star again
There I [C]go [D] Turn the [Em]page

There I [C]go [D]Turn the [Em]page
[C]There I [D]go, There I [Em]go [D]
There I [Em]go [D] [Em] Here I Go There I [Em]Go

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