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Maroon5 - She Will Be Loved   

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Intro : [Bm] [A] X2

Verse 1:
[Bm]Beauty queen of on[A]ly eighteen
[Bm]She had some trouble [A]with herself
[Bm]He was always [A]there to help her
She [Bm]always belonged to [A]someone else

Verse 2:
[Bm]I drove for miles and [A]miles
And [Bm]wound up at your [A]door
[Bm]I've had you so many [A]times but
[Bm]somehow I want [A]more

Chorus 1:
[D5]I don't mind spending [A]everyday
[Bm]Out on your corner in the [G5]pouring rain
[D5]Look for the girl with the [A]broken smile
[Bm]Ask her if she wants to [G5]stay awhile

Chorus 2:
And she [D5]will be [A]loved
She [Bm]will be [G]loved

Verse 3:
[Bm]Tap on my window [A]knock on my door
[Bm]I want to make you feel [A]beautiful
[Bm]I know I tend to [A]get so insecure
[Bm]It doesn't matter [A]anymore

Verse 4:
[Bm]It's not always rainbows and [A]butterflies
It's [Bm]compromise that moves us [A]along yeah
My [Bm]heart is full and my [A]door's always open
[Bm]You come anytime you [A]want

Chorus 1:

Chorus 2:

Chorus 2:

Verse 5:
[Bm]I know where you [A]hide
Alone in your [Bm]car
Know all of the [A]things that make you who you are
I [Bm]know that good[A]bye means nothing at [Bm]all
Comes back and begs me to [A]catch her every time she [G]falls...yeah

[Bm]Tap on my window [A]knock on my door
[Bm]I want to make you feel [A]beautiful

Chorus 1:

Chorus 2:

Chorus 2:

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