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Kelly Clarkson - Break Away   

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[Am]Da da da n da [G]da, [C]Da da da n [F]da da
[Am]Da da da n [G]da da da [C]da

[Am]Grew up in a [G]small town
[C]And when the rain would [F]fall down
[Am]I'd just [G]stare out my [F]window
[Am]Dreaming of what [G]could be
[C]And if I'd end up [F]happy
[Am]I [G]would [C]pray

[Am]Trying hard to [G]reach out
[C]But when I tried to [F]speak out
[Am]Felt like [G]no one could [F]hear me
[Am]Wanted to be[G]long here
[C]But something felt so [F]wrong here
[Am]So [G]I'd [C]pray
[Am]I could [G]break [D]away [F]

[C]I'll spread my wings and I'll [G]learn how to fly.
I'll [Am]do what it takes till [F]I touch the sky.
[C]Make a wish, take a chance,
[G]Make a change, and [Am]break [G]away. [F]
[C]Out of the darkness and [G]into the sun.
But [Am]I won't forget all the [F]ones that I love.
I'll [C]take a risk, take a chance,
[G]Make a change, and [Am]break [G]away [C]

[Am]Da da da n da [G]da, [C]Da da da n [F]da da
[Am]Da da da n [G]da da da [C]da

[Am]Wanna feel the [G]warm breeze
[C]Sleep under a [F]palm tree
[Am]Feel the [G]rush of the [F]ocean
[Am]Get onboard a [G]fast train
[C]Travel on a [F]jetplane
[Am]Far [G]away [C]
[Am]And [G]break [D]away [F]


[G]Buildings with a hundred floors
[Am]Swinging with revolving doors
[G]Maybe I don't know where they'll [Am]take me
[G]Gotta keep movin on [Am]movin on
Fly a[D]way
[F]Break a[G]way


[Am]Break [G]away [F]
[Am]Break [G]away [F]

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