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John Mayer - Why Georgia Why   

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[G] [D] [G] [D]

[G]I Am [D]Driving Up [G]Eighty [D]Five In The
[G]Kind Of [D]Morning That [G]Lasts All [D]After[Em]Noon
[Em]I'm Just Stuck Inside The [G]Gloom [D] [G] [D]

[G]Four More [D]Exits To [G]My A[D]Partment But
[G]I Am [D]Tempted To [G]Keep The [D]Car In [Em]Drive
And [Em]Leave It All Be[G]Hind [D] [G] [D]

Cos [Em]I... [D]Wonder Some[G]Times About The [Em]Outcome
Of A [Em]Still [G]Verdictless [G]Life
Am I [D]Living It [A]Right [G]
Am I [D]Living It [A]Right [G]
Am I [D]Living It [A]Right [G]
[F]Why, Why [C]Georgia, [G]Why [D] [G] [D]

[G] [D] [G] [D]

[G]Rent A [D]Room And I [G]Fill The [D]Spaces With
[G]Wood And [D]Places To [G]Make It [D]Feel Like [Em]Home
[Em]But All I Feel's A[G]Lone [D]
It [G]Might Be A [D]Quarter Life [Em]Crisis
Or [Em]Just The Stirring In My [G]Soul [D] [G] [D]

Either [Em]Way I... [D]Wonder Some[G]Times About The [Em]Outcome
Of A [Em]Still [G]Verdictless [G]Life
Am I [D]Living It [A]Right [G]
Am I [D]Living It [A]Right [G]
Am I [D]Living It [A]Right [G]
[F]Why, Why [C]Georgia, [G]Why [D] [G] [D]

[F]So What [Bb]So I've [C]Got A Smile [Bb]On
[F]It's [Bb]Hiding The [C]Quiet Super[Bb]Stitions In My [G]Head
[G]Don't Be[C]Lieve Me [D]
When I [Em]Say I've Got It [D]Down [G] [D] [G] [D]

[G]Every[D]Body Is [G]Just A [D]Stranger
But [G]That's The [D]Danger In [G]Going [D]My Own [Em]Way
I [Em]Guess It's A Price I [G]Have To [D]Pay [G] [D]
Still [Em]Everything [D]Happens For A [G]Reason
Is No [D]Reason Not To Ask Myself If I'm

[D]Living It [A]Right [G]
Are You [D]Living It [A]Right [G]
Are You [D]Living It [A]Right [G]
[F]Why, Tell Me Why, Why, Why, [C]Georgia, [G]Why [D] [G] [D]

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