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James Blunt - You're Beautiful   

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D|-2---------2--------------------2-3- --|

[C] [G] [Am] [F] [X2]

[C]My life is [G]brilliant [Am][F][F][F]

[C]My life is brilliant
[G]My love is pure
[Am]I saw an angel
[F]Of that I'm sure
She [C]smiled at me on the subway
She was [G]with another man
But [Am]I won't lose no sleep on that
'Cos [F]I've got a plan

[C] [G] [Am] [F]

Yes, she [C]caught my eye
As we [G]walked on by
She could [Am]see from my face that I was
[G]Fucking high
And [C]I don't think that
I'll [G]see her again
But [Am]we shared a moment that will
[F]last to the end

[F]You're beauti[G]ful
[C]You're beautiful
[F]You're beauti[G]ful, it's [C]true
I [F]saw your [G]face
In a [C]crowded [G]place [Am]
And I [F]don't know [G]what to [Am]do
'Cos I'll [F]never [G]be with [C]you

[F]La-la-[Am]la-la [F]La-la-[Am]la-la [F]La-la-[Am]la-la [D]Laa

[F]You're beauti[G]ful
[C]You're beautiful
[F]You're beauti[G]ful, it's [C]true
There [F]must be an [G]angel
With a [C]smile on her [G]face [Am]
When she [F]thought up that I should
[G]be with you [C][G][Am]
But it's [F]time to [G]face the [Am]truth
I will [F]never [G]be with [C]you

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