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Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown   

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[C] [G] [F]
[C] [G] [F]
[C] [G] [F]

[C]Born Into Nixon I Was [G]Raised In [F]Hell
[C]A Welfare Child Where The [G]Teamsters [F]Dwelled
[C]The Last One Born, The [G]First One To [F]Run
[C]My Town Was Blind From [G]Refinery [F]Sun

[Am]My Generation Is [F]Zero
[Am]I Never Made It As A [F]Working Class [G]Hero

[C]21st [G]Century [F]Breakdown
I [C]Once Was Lost But [G]Never [C]Was Found
I [C]Think I Am Losing [G]What's Left Of My [C]Mind
To The [C]20th [G]Century [F]Deadline

I [C]Was Made Of [G]Poison And [F]Blood
[C]Condemnation Is [G]What I Un[F]Derstood
[C]Videogames To The [G]Tower's [F]Fall
[C]Homeland Security Could [G]Kill Us [F]All

[Am]My Generation Is [F]Zero
[Am]I Never Made It As A [F]Working Class [G]Hero

[C]21st [G]Century [F]Breakdown
I [C]Once Was Lost But [G]Never [C]Was Found
I [C]Think I Am Losing [G]What's Left Of My [C]Mind
To The [C]20th [G]Century [F]Deadline

[C]We Are The Class Of The [G]Class Of [C]13
[C]Born In The Era Of [G]Humility
[C]We Are The Desperate [F]In The Dec[C]Line
[C]Raised By The Bastards Of 196[G]9

[C]My Name Is No One, The [F]Long Lost [C]Son
Born Of The 4th Of Ju[G]Ly
[C]Raised In An Era Of [F]Heroes And [C]Cons
That Left Me For Dead Or A[G]Live

[C]I Am A Nation A [G]Worker Of [C]Pride
My Debt To The Status [G]Quo
[C]The Scars On My Hands, And The [F]Means To An [C]End
Is All That I Have To [G]Show

[C]I Swallowed My Pride And I [F]Choked On My [C]Faith
I've Given My Heart And My [G]Soul
[C]I've Broken My Fingers And [F]Lied Through My [C]Teeth
The Pillar Of Damage Con[G]Trol

[C]I've Been To The Edge, And I've [F]Thrown The [C]Bouquet
Of Flowers Left Over The [G]Grave
I [C]Sat In The Waiting Room, [G]Wasting My [C]Time
And Waiting For Judgement [G]Day

I [F]Praise Liber[C]Ty
The "[F]Freedom To O[C]Bey"
Is The [F]Song That Strangles [C]Me
Don't Cross The [G]Line

Oh..[C]Dream, A[G]Merica [Am]Dream,
I [G]Can't Even [F]Sleep
From The [Fm]Lights Early [C]Dawn

[C]Scream, A[G]Merica S[Am]Cream
Be[G]Lieve What You [F]See
From [Fm]Heroes And [C]Cons?

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