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Dhanush Kasturi Raja - Why This Kolaveri Di (Movie: 3)   

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Yo Boys I Am Singing Song
[Fm] [Eb] [Bbm]Soup [Fm]Song
[Fm] [Eb] [Bbm]Flop [Fm]Song

[Fm]Why This Kolaveri [Eb]Kolaveri Kolaveri [Bbm]Di [Fm]
[Fm]Why This Kolaveri [Eb]Kolaveri Kolaveri [Bbm]Di [Fm] Rhythm Correct
[Fm]Why This Kolaveri [Eb]Kolaveri Kolaveri [Bbm]Di [Fm] Maintain This
[Fm]Why This Kolaveri [Eb] [Bbm]Di [Fm] Maintain This

[Fm]Distance La [Eb]Moon-u Moon-u
[Bbm]Moon-u Color-u [Fm]White-u
[Fm]White Background [Eb]Night-u Nigth-u
[Bbm]Night-u Color-u [Fm]Black-u

[Fm]Why This Kolaveri [Eb]Kolaveri Kolaveri [Bbm]Di [Fm]
[Fm]Why This Kolaveri [Eb]Kolaveri Kolaveri [Bbm]Di [Fm]

[Fm]White Skin-u [Eb]Girl-u Girl-u
[Bbm]Girl-u Heart-u [Fm]Black-u
[Fm]Eyes-u Eyes-u [Eb]Meet-u Meet-u
[Bbm]My Future [Fm]Dark-u

[Fm]Why This Kolaveri [Eb]Kolaveri Kolaveri [Bbm]Di [Fm]
[Fm]Why This Kolaveri [Eb]Kolaveri Kolaveri [Bbm]Di [Fm]

[Fm] [Eb] [Bbm] [Fm]
Maama Notes Eduthuko
Apdiye Kaila Sax Eduthuko
[Fm]Pa Pa Paan [Eb]Pa Pa Paa
[Bbm]Pa Pa Paa Pa Pa [Fm]Paan
Sariya Vaasi
[Fm] [Eb] [Bbm] [Fm]
Super Maama Ready
Ready 1 2 3 4
[Fm] [Eb] [Bbm] [Fm]

Whaa Wat A Change Over Maama
Ok Maama Now Tune Change-u

[Fm]Kaila Glass
Only English..

[Fm]Hand La Glass, [Eb]Glass La Scotch
[Bbm]Eyes-u Full-aa [Fm]Tear-u
[Fm]Empty Life-u, [Eb]Girl-u Come-u
[Bbm]Life Reverse [Fm]Gear-u

[Fm]Lovvu Lovvu, [Eb]Oh My Lovvu
[Bbm]You Showed Me [Fm]Bouv-u
[Fm]Cow-u Cow-u, [Eb]Holi Cow-u
[Bbm]I Want U Hear [Fm]Now-u

[Fm]God I M [Eb]Dying Now-u
[Bbm]She Is Happy [Fm]How-u

[Fm]This Song [Eb]For Soup Boys-u
[Bbm]We Dont Have [Fm]Choice-u

[Fm]Why This Kolaveri [Eb]Kolaveri Kolaveri [Bbm]Di [Fm]
[Fm]Why This Kolaveri [Eb]Kolaveri Kolaveri [Bbm]Di [Fm]
[Fm]Why This Kolaveri [Eb]Kolaveri Kolaveri [Bbm]Di [Fm]
[Fm]Why This Kolaveri [Eb]Kolaveri Kolaveri [Bbm]Di [Fm]

Flop Song

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