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Crowded House - Four Seasons In One Day   

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[Em] [D] [G] [Am]

[Em]Four seasons [D]in one day[G]
[Am]Lying in the depths of your imagination
[Em]Worlds above and [D]worlds bel[G]ow
The [Am]sun shines on the black clouds
Hanging over the do[C]main

[Bm]Even when you're feeling [Am]warm
The [Bm]temperature could drop a[C]way
Like [D]four seasons in one [G]day

[Em]Smiling as the [D]shit comes [G]down
[Am]You can tell a man from what he has to say
[Em]Everything gets [D]turned a[G]round
And [Am]I will risk my neck again, again

[Bm]You can take me where you [C]will
[Bm]Up the creek and through the [Am]mill
Like [Bm]all the things you [C]can't explain
[D]Four seasons in one [G]day

[C]Blood dries [G]up
Like [D]rain, like [Em]rain
[C]Fills my [G]cup
[D]Like four seasons in one [Em]day

[Am]It doesn't pay to make predictions
[Em]Sleeping on an [D]unmade [G]bed
[Am]Finding out wherever there is comfort
There is [C]pain
[Bm]Only one step a[C]way
Like [D]four seasons in one [G]day

[C]Blood dries [G]up
Like [D]rain, like [Em]rain
[C]Fills my [G]cup
[D]Like four seasons in one [Em]day

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