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Coldplay - The Scientist   

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[F] [Bb] [F] [C]

Come Up To [F]Meet You
Tell You I'M [Bb]Sorry
You Don'T Know How [F]Lovely You [C]Are

I Had To [F]Find You
Tell You I [Bb]Need You
Tell You I [F]Set You A[C]Part

Tell Me Your [F]Secrets
And Ask Me Your [Bb]Questions
Oh Let'S Go [F]Back To The [C]Start

Running In [F]Circles
Coming Up [Bb]Tails
Heads On A [F]Silence Ap[C]Art

[F]Nobody Said It Was [Bb]Easy
It'S Such A [F]Shame For Us To [C]Part
[F]Nobody Said It Was [Bb]Easy
No One Ever [F]Said It Would Be This [C]Hard

Oh Take Me Back To The [F]Start

I Was Just [F]Guessing
At Numbers And []Figures
Pulling Your [F]Puzzles Ap[C]Art

Questions Of [F]Science
Science And [Bb]Progress
Do Not Speak As [F]Loud As My He[C]Art

Tell Me You [F]Love Me
Come Back And [Bb]Haunt Me
Oh And I [F]Rush To The St[C]Art

Running In [F]Circles
Chasing Our [Bb]Tails
Coming [F]Back As We A[C]Re

[F]Nobody Said It Was [Bb]Easy
It'S Such A [F]Shame For Us To [C]Part
[F]Nobody Said It Was [Bb]Easy
No One Ever [F]Said It Would Be This [C]Hard

I'M Going Back To The [F]Start

[F] [Bb] [F] [C]

Oh [F]Ohhhh.. [Bb]Oh Oh [F]Oh O [C]
Oh [F]Ohhhh.. [Bb]Oh Oh [F]Oh O [C]
Oh [F]Ohhhh.. [Bb]Oh Oh [F]Oh O [C]

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