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Bryan Adams - I'll Always Be Right There   

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I [E]swear to [A]you
[E]I will [A]always be
[E]there for [A]you
There's [D]nothing [E]I won't do.

I [E]promise [A]you
[Bm]All my l[A]ife I will
[E]Live for [F#m]you
We will [D]make it th[E]rough.

[D]Fore[A]ver, [F#m]we will [D]be
toge[A]ther y[F#m]ou and [E]me
[E]Oh and when I hold [A]you
[E]nothing can [A]compare

[E]With all of my [A]heart you know
I'll a[D]lways [E]be right there.[A][A][D][A]

[E]I believe in [A]us
[E]Nothing e[A]lse could ever
[E]mean so [A]much
[D]Your the one I [E]trust.

Our [E]time has [A]come
[Bm]we're not two pe[A]ople now
[E]we are [F#m]one.
Yeah, [D]your second to [E]none.

[D]Fore[A]ver [F#m]we wil[D]l be
to[A]gethe[F#m]r, a fa[E]mily
[E]Oh and when and I [A]hold you,
no[E]thing can co[A]mpare

[E]With all of my [A]heart you know
I'll a[D]lways [E]be right there.[A][A][D][A]

[D]Fore[A]ver w[F#m]e will [D]be
tog[A]ether, ooh[F#m], just you and [E]me
[E]The more I get to [A]know you,
[E]the more I really [A]care.

[E]With all of my [A]heart you know
I'll a[D]lways [E]be...
And you [E]know I really [A]love you,
and n[E]othing can [A]compare
For [E]all of my [A]life you know
I'll [D]always [E]be right there. [A][A][D][A]

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