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Billy Joel - It's Still Rock And Roll To Me   

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[C]What's The Matter With The [E]Clothes I'm Wearing?
Can't You [Bb]Tell That Your Tie'S Too Wide? [F]
[C]Maybe I Should Buy Some [E]Old Tab Collars?
Welcome [Bb]Back To The Age Of [F]Jive.

[Em]Where Have You Been Hidin' [Am]Out Lately, Honey?
You [Em]Can't Dress Trashy Till You [D]Spend A Lot Of [G]Money.
[C]Everybody's [Em]Talkin' 'Bout The [Bb]New Sound
[F]Funny, But It's [Am]Still Rock And [G]Roll To [C]Me

[C]What's The Matter With The [E]Car I'm Driving?
Can't You [Bb]Tell That It's Out Of [F]Style?
[C]Should I Get A Set Of [E]White Wall Tires?
Are You [Bb]Gonna Cruise The Miracle [F]Mile?

[Em]Nowadays You Can't Be [Am]Too Sentimental
Your [Em]Best Bet'S A True Baby [D]Blue Conti[G]Nental.
[C]Hot Funk, [Em]Cool Punk, [Bb]Even If It's [F]Old Junk
It's [Am]Still Rock And [G]Roll To [C]Me.

[C]Oh, [G]It Doesn't Matter What They Say In The [F]Papers
'Cause It'S [E]Always Been The Same Old [A]Scene.
There'S A [G]New Band In Town
But You [F]Can't Get The Sound From A [E]Story In A Maga[Ab]Zine...
[Eb]Aimed At Your Average [F]Teen

[C]How About A Pair Of [E]Pink Sidewinders
And A [Bb]Bright Orange Pair Of [F]Pants?
[C]You Could Really Be A [E]Beau Brummell Baby
If You [Bb]Just Give It Half A [F]Chance.

[Em]Don't Waste Your Money On A [Am]New Set Of Speakers,
You [Em]Get More Mileage From A [D]Cheap Pair Of [G]Sneakers.
[C]Next Phase, [Em]New Wave, [Bb]Dance Craze, [F]Anyways
It's [Am]Still Rock And [G]Roll To [C]Me

[G] [F] [E] [Am] [G] [F]

[C]What's The Matter With The [E]Crowd I'm Seeing?
Don't You [Bb]Know That They're Out Of [F]Touch?
[C]Should I Try To Be A [E]Straight 'A' Student?
If You [Bb]Are Then You Think Too [F]Much. [E]

[Em]Don't You Know About The [Am]New Fashion Honey?
[Em]All You Need Are Looks And A [D]Whole Lotta [G]Money.
It's The [C]Next Phase, [Em]New Wave, [Bb]Dance Craze, [F]Anyways
It's [Am]Still Rock & [G]Roll To [E]Me.

[C]Everybody'S [E]Talkin' 'Bout The [Bb]New Sound
Funny, But It's [G]Still Rock And Roll To [C]Me

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