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Bruce Springsteen - Secret Garden   

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[C]She'll let you in her house,
if you come [F]knockin' late at night,
[Am]She'll let you in her mouth,
if the [F]words you say are right,
[C]If you pay the price,
she'll [F]let you deep inside,
There's a [Am]secret [G]garden
she [C]hides.

[C]She'll let you in her car,
to go [F]drivin' around,
[Am]She'll let you into parts of herself,
[F]that'll bring you down,
[C]She'll let you in her heart,
if you [F]got a hammer and a vice,
But her[Am] secret [G]garden,
don't [C]think twice.

[Am]You've gone a [F]million miles,
[C]how far'd you [G]get,
[Am]To that place where [F]you can't remember,
[C]and you can't[G] forget,

[C]She'll lead you down a path,
there'll [F]be tenderness in the air,
[Am]She'll let you come just far enough,
so you [F]know she's really there.
[C]She'll look at you and smile,
and [F]her eyes will say.
[Am]She's got a secret garden,
[F]where everything you want.

[C]Where everything you need,
[F]will always stay,
a [Am]million [G]miles a[C]way.

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